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This is my second visit with Megan. She is so sweet and personable. She hooks me up with best protective styles. She also takes the time to educate me about the health of my hair and ways to manage it. I am very satisfied with her services

Alicia L.

Megan has been styling my hair for over 2 years and has never disappointed me nor my hair. I refuse to let anyone else intertwine their fingers in my locs besides Megan at Zior Studios. Friendly, professional and actually cares about her clients and staff!! Thanks Megan for creating Zior Studios, a place where I can relax and let your hands do the talking- your work speaks for itself!!!!!

LaTerra W.

Megan is not only an amazing braider, she is knowledgeable about her work and her customer service is beyond superb. Her prices don't break the bank and the quality of service makes you feel like you a million bucks walking down the catwalk with ya Chanel bag and red bottoms on. She is who you need in yo life!!!

Milee R.

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